Most Trans Fats are man made by bubbling hydrogen ions through an unsaturated fat (hydrogenation). Unsaturated fats are normally liquid or very soft at room temperature. The process of hydrogenation changes these unsaturated fats to become solid at room temperature. The process of hydrogenation also acts as a preservative and creates a better "mouth feel" of the fat for most people. By hydrogenating unsaturated fats, a double carbon bond is formed in the molecular structure of the fat. That is where the word "trans" comes from. There is also another double bond that is naturally occurring in most unsaturated fats which is describes as a "cis" fat. Cis fats are naturally occurring and do not present the same health issues as industrially produced Trans Fats.

Trans Fats are popular with food manufacturing companies because they taste good and they last longer on the shelf which translates to increased profits. The problem with Trans Fats is that they are extremely unhealthy. The double carbon bond with opposing Hydrogens in the molecular structure make the fat rigid and incapable of folding back on itself like most other naturally occurring fats. So, when a rigid Trans Fat squeezes into your body's cells, it takes up a lot of room and makes your cells rigid and hard. Also, these Trans Fats compete with all other healthy fats for the same metabolic enzymes which act to reduce the good cholesterol in your blood. All these issues increase your risk of coronary heart disease, cancer and other chronic diseases. Research shows that the most important correlate of heart disease is the amount of trans fats in the diet. Now, I am not talking at all about naturally occurring trans fats. I am talking about industrially produced trans fats. To me, this is a perfect example of how one cannot out train a bad diet. So industrially produced trans fats are horrible for you. But where do you find them in food? Here's a quick list of some examples.

Most fried food in restaurants (French Fries anyone)

Cookies on the shelf in the grocery store

Some ice creams (sorry Jeff)

Pies and pie crusts


cake mixes and frostings


Butter or other flavored Microwave Popcorn

The list goes on....

Please work on your healthy habits and avoid processed foods!

9am CrossFit

5 Rounds (no rest between rounds)

3 Clean and Jerk (225/155)

12 Pull Ups

50 Double Unders or Lateral Jumps over barbell


10am BBC

15 Mins to est 1RM Hang Snatch

6X3 Hang snatch at 77%

3X3 Clean at 89% rest exactly 1 min between rounds