A lot of you have probably heard me give the cue, "Slow your breathing down!" I think this is something that is especially important in an AMRAP like today's, when you are trying to maintain a fast but steady pace for 8 whole minutes. Why? Well, first of all, slowing your breathing down forces you to be more aware of your body. Taking a split second to check in with your breathing oftentimes results in giving yourself an extra second to check your form and make sure you aren't rushing into the next rep.

The other reason I love this cue is that it slowing your breathing down can be a lifeline. When you start to really gasp for air, you are signaling to your body that you are in distress and it's getting out of control. Yes, CrossFit may be a pretty crazy experience for your body, but it should be a controlled chaos. Once you start gasping for air or hyperventilating, your body goes into panic mode, and you have just bought yourself a one-way ticket to the red zone--which can make it super hard, if not impossible, to keep working in a meaningful capacity. Not only that, but being in that red zone makes it very mentally tough to keep working, because suddenly your brain has switched from "Ok, this is hard, but we can do this" into more of an "OMG we are GOING TO DIE" mode, because your body is giving all the cues of being totally out of control. 

So next time you start to feel yourself moving towards the line between doing ok and freaking out, take a second to check-in with your breathing... Usually all it takes is 2 or 3 intentional breaths to get yourself back on track!

EMOM for 4mins:
4 Strict Pull-Ups+4 Strict Ring Dips
3 Strict MU

4 sets:
30secs Hollow body hold
30secs Superman hold
-rest 60secs-

8min AMRAP
12 Burpees
8 Box jumps 32/24