Research shows that on average we can expect to experience a 2-4% decline in resting metabolic rate (RMR) every 10 years after age 25. With no other changes, that will translate to ~  a 30lb gain in body fat. 

This decline is accompanied by muscle loss on average of 5lbs of lean muscle every decade. This translates to a 20lb lean muscle loss by age 65. Scary huh?

The good news is that muscle is very metabolically active. The loss of muscle is probably directly responsible for the decline in RMR. RMR decline is most likely not related to age but more directly related to lifestyle choices. Our idea of aging and slowing down has a lot to do with inactivity. Ultimately committing to staying active and resistance training is our best defense to succumbing to losing muscle . Preserve your muscle mass and you preserve your RMR. It's your body's 401K plan. It will greatly affect how well you will be able to enjoy your life in your golden years. Doesn't wringing every last drop of pleasure out of life's experience sound like a funner path than rolling around looking for stairwell ramps?  Yes, I used funner.

 Jacinto Bonilla 75

Jacinto Bonilla 75

9am CrossFit

5 Rounds rest 90 seconds between rounds

5 Front Squats (185/135)

Handstand walk the length of the pull up rack (15 Handstand Shoulder Touches)

50 Double Unders 



10am BBC


9X1 at 92%

Clean and Jerk 

9X1 at 92%