One year ago, CrossFit Elevation was just a wee baby of a gym, with a handful of athletes and no gym of our own. Fast forward to a year later, and we have approximately 700 times more athletes, a beautiful badass of a gym, and a vibrant community of homeboys and homegirls. Now it's time to see what we're made of. The Reebok CrossFit Games Open is the first stage in qualifying to compete in the Games this summer in California. But really, it's a time during which the whole Elevation Nation comes together to cheer everybody on as we compete against each other, the clock, and everyone else in the CrossFit world. For every rep you do - every pushup, every squat - you're doing it alongside the rest of 3000+ CrossFit affiliates out there. And just like they are cheering for their peeps, we'll be cheering for you. The Open is simply the best time of year to be a member at a CrossFit affiliate. I promise that each of you, and all of the coaches, will be so proud of yourselves and everyone else just for showing up to this beast of an event.

If you want to see where you stack up head-to-head against the rest of the world, register here. We would LOVE to see your name up in lights, so to speak, and the motivational power of throwing your hat in the ring cannot be overstated. Talk to us before you register if you have any concerns. We will be doing our own internal leaderboard of course, and we'll be providing scaling for workouts as needed. Note that the Open workouts are unscaled in terms of the global leaderboard. You won’t have to go anywhere to compete and we will be performing the Open workouts as our NORMAL WOD on Fridays. If you miss Friday, you can make it up but you have to have it done by Sunday night, or it doesn't count. You have until this Friday to register and then all you have to do is show up and work out. If you need to do the WOD early or late we will figure out a way.

At the end of the day, this is simply a time to test your fitness and participate with your community. If you have never experienced the Open, I promise it will be one of the coolest competitive things you’ve ever done.

You practice “the sport of fitness” every day—now it’s time to play.

I'll leave you with this quote, one of my all-time favorites, from Domingo Ortega:

Bullfight critics ranked in rows Crowd the enormous Plaza full; But he's the only one who knows— And he's the man who fights the bull.

Workout for 2/20/2012: Strenf: Back Squat: 1X5 @ 60%, 1X3 @ 70%, 1X2 @ 80%, 1X2 @ 90%, 1X1 95% – rest 2-3 min. between each set. Watch the clock please, and ass to grass or you've got too much weight on the bar. Conditioning: 20 minutes to get as far as possible in the ladder:

30′ Broad Jumps 20 KB Hi-Pull (swinging) 32/24kg 10 OH Walking Lunges 45/25# then… 60′ Broad Jumps 40 KB Hi-Pull (swinging) 32/24kg 20 OH Walking Lunges 45/25# etc…