First up: Dawn Patrol is back on! Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5AM with Coach Keller. Be sure to RSVP before 10pm the night before so that Keller can know ahead of time whether or not he will have anyone to coach in the mornings. Woohoo!

Also, don't forget that this Friday is Halloween, which means that we hope to see you in costume for this week's Friday Night Lights! And bring a pumpkin if you can!

And now, a haiku about today's WOD:

Dip, drive, and re-dip.
It's not so hard. But why are
Burpees so painful?

12 mins to work to 2RM pause Snatch (3 sec pause @knees)

8 min AMRAP
12 Burpees
8 Push Jerks 155/105