There are few things that I like better than hanging out with The Elevation Nation, having some drinks and talking about plans for the future. In case you don't know, I really want a custom 4X4 diesel passenger van so that we can all go on fun trips. One of my goals is to organize a ski trip to Monarch Mountain for some backcountry snow cat touring. I also want to go cross country skiing at Devil's Thumb. Whitewater rafting, SUP'ing are also on my list. So, it only makes sense that we need a badass van. Then the discussion evolves to discussing trips to The Florida Keys for scuba diving, sailing, fishing and spearfishing. When I think about all these fun things it makes me consider the legal side of these activities. It is only natural in our day and age that waivers will be a big part of engaging in these activities. Therefore, I have concluded that the number of waivers signed on a trip will be directly related to the amount of fun and general epic-ness that will be had. 

 Something like this would be adequate. 

Something like this would be adequate. 


9am CrossFit

5 Rounds rest 2 minutes between rounds

3 Snatch grip Deadlift to Hang Power Snatch (165/115)

5 Muscle Ups or 10 pull ups and 10 dips

Run 200m (sprint last stretch coming up alley)

10am BBC

5X5 Snatch (65%)

5X5 Clean and Jerk (65%) 

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