Sure, "Diane" starts with Deadlifts, but we all know that this WOD is all about the HSPUs. Your midline is going to be toast from those deadlifts, so you are going to need to focus on developing a strong kip to help overcome that fatigue! A few things to think about when setting up your kipping handstand push-ups:

  • Set up with your head at least 4-5" away from the wall, enough space where your butt sit against the wall for balance just a little bit.
  • When you are in the tripod position at the bottom of your HSPU, check the positioning of your hands. You want to be in a solid tripod, almost as if you were about to go into a headstand. You should be able to clearly see your hands without turning your head to the side--if not, you need to move your hands away from the wall a little bit more. The benefit of this is that when you kip, you will actually be pushing yourself slightly into the wall, which will eliminate the problem that many people run into with kipping themselves right off the wall.
  • When you initiate the kip, keep your feet together and lower your knees all the way to your chest. This will give you the most power possible from your legs, rather than doing the "frog-leg" or only partially lowering your legs to your hips or waist. 
  • Last but not least, make sure your core is tight when you initiate the explosive kipping motion. This will also help keep you from flopping off the wall because it will ensure that your momentum will go up instead of out or to the side. 
  • Good luck!

15mins to 3RM Pause HBBS (3s ecs)
1x3@95%, 1x3@90%

Deadlift 225/155