If you are reading this then you know Jeff "Steamer" Franzen. He is, in my opinion, the hardest working person in the gym. I don't know anyone more dedicated to putting in the work. He attacks his workouts. He is incredibly consistent and he eats well. Jeff is one of my favorite people in the world. I am so proud of the work he put in this weekend at The Ocho Competition. Steamer took 4th overall in a very tough field. It was amazing to watch Jeff tackle each workout with the confidence of a man who knows he did the work. Please congratulate Jeff when you see him. His performance this weekend was spectacular. 


9am CrossFit

3 Rounds

5 Power Cleans (185/135)

10 Handstand Pushups

15 Burpees


10am BBC

15 mins to establish 1rm hang squat

then 6X3 @ 87%

6X3 Clean + 1 jerk @ 87% of 1rm clean and jerk