So I have been giving this 5 am class a try.  It sucks getting up that early.  Ive always counted myself as a morning person, but getting up an hour earlier than I normally do is hell.  But one thing I have noticed is how much it has changed my day.  After class, I am fully awake.  Yes, it may take the whole class for me to wake up, but the days that I go I actually show up to work and am able to function right away.  Its amazing.  What a strange concept.  Maybe some of you should give it a try?  And just think, you will already have got a workout done before the majority of people get out of bed!  


12 mins to 1RM Hang clean & Jerk
Every 30secs for 3mins
1 Hang Clean & Jerk @80%

Front Squats 135/95