Happy September! Today we are beginning another Wendler Cycle. You will add 5lbs to your upper body 1RM and 10lbs to your lower body 1RM from the last cycle to establish your new numbers. Don't forget to be getting plenty of protein after the WOD to get the most out of these strength cycles! That can mean using a protein powder or having a high protein meal after the WOD, ideally within 30-60 minutes of finishing your workout. 

Also don't forget that starting next Monday, September 8, we will be offering a 5AM Dawn Patrol WOD coached by me (Claire)! And I am going to be really sad if I wake up that early and nobody shows up... Just saying. 




3xME Handstand holds (on the wall wall or freestanding) -rest 60secs-

12 min AMRAP
5 Power cleans 155/105
10 C2B
Run 200m