Congratulations, Elevation Nation! You have officially made it to Week 4 of this Wendler Cycle. Next week, we will begin a fresh Wendler Cycle using new numbers calculated from the maxes you tested last month, but for now, it's time to focus on DELOAD.

While it can feel counterintuitive to bring your weights and reps back down after increasing steadily for the past 3 weeks, deloading is a very important part of any lifting cycle. Deload week allows you to keep working on the mechanics and motor pathways of your lifts, but gives your muscles a chance to recover and build. And as we all know, recovering is the most important part of any exercise or lifting program, especially CrossFit. You don't get stronger while you work out; you get stronger while you recover from working out. 

So it's important not to go beyond the prescribed weights and reps this week, even though you will probably feel like you still have some (or a lot) left in the tank. Use this opportunity to make every rep a perfect rep, and to channel your extra energy into the WODs. 



EMOM for 10 mins
even: 40 DU
odd: 30 sec HS hold

KBS 55/35
KB cleans(split reps evenly between arms)
KB Snatches (split reps evenly between arms)