I have already wrote some about the importance of mobility in the front rack position.  Since we have some heavy front squats coming up in the workout, I thought I would continue on and talk about why it is important that we have a good front rack position.  A good rack position is the bar resting firmly on the shoulders, fingertips gently in contact with the bar, and upper arms parallel to the ground.  It is the only safe and secure way to hold a barbell in front of the body.

Front squats are great ways to condition midline stability.  In order to have the bar over our midline (when standing erect, the imaginary line that runs exactly through the middle of our body), you need to have a good front rack position.  If you have ever heard a coach say "Push your elbows to the ceiling," or "elbows parallel to the ground", or "chest up;' this is in order to get that bar bell in better position over your midline.  

The front squat also is important to another one of our olympic lifts,  Can you guess which one?  Thats right, the squat clean.  The bottom of a proper squat clean is the exact same position you want to be in when you are just doing a front squat.  So practicing it and working on mobility will not only help the front rack position in a front squat, but it will better help you in transferring the bar to the front rack when doing a squat clean.  


Every 30 secs for 4min

5 Push press @60% of what you lifted last week. Or find a weight that is managable. The focus is on speed.

Hollow body hold on ground

20 Front squats 185/135
40 KBS 55/35
20 Front squats