Happy Tuesday, Elevation Nation!

With summer winding down, it can be easy to lose focus. The days are getting shorter, the probability of you regularly taking your shirt off in public is starting to decrease, and the fire you've lit under your training for the past few months can start to dim. This is why I encourage everyone to set some Fall Goals, to help keep your head in the game and make sure you don't end up in a lull! These goals can be anything, from taking 10 seconds off your mile time, to regularly linking 7 pull-ups when you usually only link 5 in a WOD. Or your goal could just be something as simple as committing to a regular CrossFit schedule for the next few months! 

If you think you might want to include competing in a CrossFit competition on your goal list, here are a few that are coming up in the area:

Monster Mash on Saturday, October 4 at Mile High CrossFit (registration opens Aug 24)
WODtoberfest on Saturday, October 11 at CrossFit Salvo
Garterbelts and Gunslingers on Saturday, Nov 8 at CrossFit 719
lpine CrossFit Annual CrossFit Weightlifting Meet on Saturday Dec 14

PS: Did you read the email we sent out on Sunday night? If not, please be sure to do so ASAP as it has some important information in it about the CrossFit Elevation app as well as about our billing policies. Thanks!



3xME Free standing HS hold
(scale versions: with partner helping to balance in free standing, normal up against wall or wall walk into wall and hold. What ever people choose they should be getting quality time in the HS)
-rest 90 secs- between sets

10 min AMRAP
75 DU
25 Wall Balls