Today was a great example for me on how important it is to scale a movement in a workout. One of my strengths in workouts is bar work or Olympic lifts, however, gymnastic movements are my downfall. Thinking back to today's workout, I should have scaled rings dips. By the third and fourth rounds, I was down to doing them one at a time, and they were pretty terrible. If I would have just swallowed my pride, and used a band, I would have done way more for building my ring dip ability by doing more that one at a time.

While its nice to be able to whats written on the board, think about what you are really trying to accomplish and how to get there. Will doing one rep of the prescribed weight then having to rest a few seconds before doing one more get you to your goals? Or will doing a set of ten reps at a lighter weight? Both may get you there, but doing multiple reps and longer sets of work will defiantly get you there faster.

Read this article that was recently posted in The Box Magazine for another perspective on scaling workouts.

12 minutes to establish 5RM Push Press or 5RM HBBS

Overhead Squat 95/65#
Handstand Push Ups