Thursday's workout is a little special for me. It was my first "Girls" workout. It was actually one of my first CrossFit WODS and I remember going straight to social media to express the joy I had from doing "HELEN". This is my Facebook post from that day:

October 22, 2011: "I'll never date a woman named Helen. I don't care if she is a dime piece, never gonna happen. Lol"

As you can probably guess I didn't particularly kill that workout. A more precise description would be Helen kicked my ass! But I have come a long way since 2011 and I'm ready to attack this WOD and demolish my old time! And that is the attitude I want each one of you to have in the gym.


I bring this up because I want to have a quick chat about tracking your workouts. We are very big on tracking your: times, weights, how you felt, etc. We use that not only as a reference point for future workouts but also to track your performance so make sure you are diligent in doing this EVERY DAY. This will help you find out where you are improving and also where you might need to put in some extra work. For myself I love to attack a workout knowing exactly what I did last time and nothing is as satisfying as hitting a new PR on that workout or increasing the weight and still finishing strong. When we did our Baseline workout the other day I heard a few people who actually crushed their previous PR and that is freaking AWESOME! But I also heard a few people sound almost sad when they said they "only" improved by a few seconds....guess what? As you continue to work your ass off in the gym those gains probably aren't going to be as dramatic anymore but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be celebrated. Be proud of shaving 6 seconds off that baseline time or adding 5lbs to your Back Squat because I know us coaches are proud of you!



8x2 Snatch @ 70%

3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KBS 55/35
12 Pull ups