The Crossfit Total is up today. This is a great measure of progress by finding your 1 Rep Max in three of the lifts: the Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift. Keeping track of this max not only is important to see your strength progression, but a lot of the strength work is based off percentages of that number. Long story short, remember these numbers!!!!

One of the major things I notice when people do a strict press is as the weight gets heavier, some people begin to arch their back in order to push that weight up. This is a huge mistake. Here are some quick tips to remember when doing your press.

  1. Become a statue. Before you begin your press, squeeze your butt, legs, and abs as tight as possible. This ensures you have the full support of your mid-line to help you press, and to keep you from arching your back.
  2. Stare at something. You should pick a spot slightly above eye level and stare at it as you lift. This will help you from not following your bar up with your eyes, which may lead to your head tilting back and loss of mid-line stabilization.
  3. Shave your head with the bar. The closer the bar is to your face, the more efficient the press becomes. That requires you to move your head back as you lift. As soon as the bar passes your eyes, think about shaving your head with it to get it directly overhead.


Crossfit Total
1RM High Bar Back Squat
1RM Strict Press
1RM Deadlift