How many of you guys watched The CrossFit Games this past weekend? If you're like me, watching hundreds of amazingly fit individuals and team members battle it out at the Games is a serious motivator... You just can't watch those athletes and not feel inspired to push harder in your training.

One of my favorite quotes from the whole weekend was from the 1st place female athlete, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, who has been competing in the Games since 2010 but has hasn't been on the podium until this year. When the interviewer asked her what she did differently this year to bring her training to a new level, she said, "I attacked more of my weaknesses, and I worked my ass off."

Which brings us to... Endurance! I know that running and rowing are weaknesses for a lot of athletes, so if that's you, then today is a great chance to start attacking those weaknesses and, as CLB so eloquently stated, working your ass off!

WOD - Endurance test

2000m Row
500m Row
1 mile Run
400m Run