Good morning, weekend warriors! This weekend is shaping up to be just as wet and gloomy as the rest of the week was, so come on down to get in a WOD since you can't play outside. Today (Saturday) is the second in our set of free skills clinics. Coach Bossom will be imparting some wisdom and coaching us through DOUBLE UNDERS. DU's are a contentious CrossFit movement that can be incredibly frustrating. Step 1 to mastering them is getting and using your own jump rope; even if you haven't done that,  joins us for the clinic to learn what else you can do to conquer this skill. 

Instruction lasts from 11-11:30 AM, with additional practice and instruction until about noon. 

As a reminder, there is NO 11 AM Bootcamp on clinic days, but it's the perfect time to come in and work on a skill! The class will still get your heart racing but won't count toward your membership.



12 mins to max complex : 1 3-stop Clean Deadlifts (2" off floor, hang, hi hang )+ 1 Clean & 1Jerk


3 x 1 (complex) @ 85%


3 Rounds
1 min ME Wall balls 20/14
-rest 30 secs
1 min ME Pull-ups
-rest 30 secs-
1 min ME KBS 55/35
-rest 30 secs-