Well guys, I figure it's about time to go public and let you all know that I'm pregnant! EEK!! I'm due in October, which puts me at just over 3 months along. I'm hoping and planning on coaching as much and for as long as I can, but I figured I'd say something before someone staged a taco intervention for my growing belly... it's not a food baby, that's a human in there! 

Anywho, let's take a look at today's WOD...

You are going to be seeing these "tempo" lifts programmed more frequently in the coming months. Here's how to read them:

Let's say it's "34x2" squats (like today)
3 = the amount of time you spend in the eccentric phase of the lift, aka lowering the weight. So here, you will spend 3 seconds lowering the weight in your squat. 
4 = the pause/hold at the bottom. Here you will pause at the bottom for 4 seconds.
x = Explosion! Stand back up as quickly as you can - no bouncing out of the bottom.
2 = The amount of time you pause at the top before starting your next rep.

Sounds fun, huh? Tempo squats have a lot of benefits, but there are 2 major ones:
1. They improve the quality of your movement. When you are forced to move slowly during a lift, you are more aware of your body and therefore are more likely to travel through the full range of motion. You are also more likely to maintain structural integrity throughout the whole lift, rather than collapsing or hyper-extending at any point.
2. #GAINZ! These slow, controlled movements engage your muscles more completely, stimulating muscle growth. They also engage your surrounding muscle groups more thoroughly, which in turn benefits many of the other movements you'll be doing in the gym. 

12 mins to 3RM Tempo HBBS @34X2
1x8 HBBS @85% of above

3 Rounds
10 Push jerks 135/95
50 DU