A bunch of PR's last week, and we could not be more proud of our Elevation Nation. I have to admit, I get the goosebumps when I get to watch any of you hit a PR. It's like we are getting better every day! Though sometimes I may not hit a PR, some of my favorite days are the days when I come to the gym and not feeling right, my friends always find a way to encourage me just right so that I can feel accomplished when I leave. Your PR starts when you want it to, it starts when you make the commitment to make a difference for yourself, we will help you get there. Have a happy Monday my friends!


12 mins to 3RM Snatch w/ 3sec pause @ knees
1x3@85% of above

8min AMRAP
5 Wall balls 20/14
5 Box jumps 24/20
10 Wall balls
10 Box jumps
15......keep increasing by 5 till the 8mins is up