This week's mobility is…….

The box shoulder stretch. This stretch will help open up the anterior or front part of your shoulder as well as stretching your chest. Increasing the mobility in these areas will improve your overhead positioning, pressing as in bench and push ups and will reduce the likelihood of poor posture and slouchy shoulders.


To do the box shoulder stretch:

- place your arms shoulder width apart on a 20"-24" box, if at home a chair or coffee table will work. Also, you can perform this stretch in a doorway while standing up.

- keep your head neutral, push your shoulders open as far as possible while driving your head and chest to the floor.

- the stretch should come from your shoulders and thoracic spine, not the lumbar spine.

Watch this video to see a demonstration. 


WOD:  Phoenix Unbroken Charity WOD

-Still plenty of time to register for $20 and support a great cause!-

24 Minute AMRAP

3 clean and jerks

6 burpee box jumps

5 toes to bar pull ups.


Barbell Club:

Pick 2 movements you haven't 1 RM'd in awhile or you're just curious to see if you've improved on them.