I know you guys have heard/will hear this 100x, but don't forget that we are doing a special Friday Night Lights this week at CrossFit Jai to throw down on 15.5 and celebrate the end of the 2015 Open! I am SO excited because Jai is my original CrossFit home, and I feel super lucky to get the chance to have all my favorite people under the same roof for what is guaranteed to be an exciting and brutal WOD! Even if you haven't been doing the Open WODs and/or don't typically come to Friday Night Lights, I would really love to see the Elevation Nation show up big time... I'm counting on you guys to make me proud! :) 

Jai is located on the west side of Federal between 19th and 20th (across the street from the Broncos Stadium... it's a dark gray building between a laminate sign store and Masa Asian Restaurant). Heats will start at 4:15 and go until 7:35 - click here to sign up for a heat and check the whiteboard for parking info. 

15 mins to 5RM Front squat
2x5@85% of above

Pull ups
Squat clean to thurster 95/65