Wow, the first week of February 2015 is already in the books, which means the end of the fitness and lifestyle challenge is coming up soon.  The final testing date will be February 15th from 11-1pm with coffee and doughnuts provided by your lovely coaches. 

With the challenge coming to an end, its important to try to maintain some of the new habits you've learned while seeking out new challenges of your own.  When setting new goals it's important to pick a big one, but then break down how you're going to accomplish it.  For instance, you want to be able to snatch your body weight, what would you need to do to get to that goal?  Establishing smaller, more attainable goals that can be accomplished on a daily basis will help you achieve the success you are looking for.  


20 min AMRAP

5 Snatches (135/95)


30 Box Jumps (24/20)

400 m run


12 min to est 1 RM high hang snatch

then 5x3 @ 75%

12 min to est 1 RM Split Jerk 

then 5x3 BTN Split Jerk @ 80%