The best part about CrossFit is suffering with your friends, right? Well, we want to make it even BETTER by giving you a discount every time you have a friend who signs up for an autopay membership! For the month of February, every one of your friends who signs up will get a 15% discount... and you will get 15% off your membership--up to 100% off--for as long as both of you are signed up for autopay! That means if you have 2 friends, that's 30% off, 3 friends is 45% off... you get the idea. After February, any new friends you sign up will get 10% off and you will get 10% off your membership for as long as you are both on autopay.

Have a friend who's interested? Have them send an email to to get them set up for a no-obligations intro sesh. If they aren't quite ready for a solo intro, stay tuned for TBA Bring-a-Buddy WODs throughout February. Check your emails for more info and let a coach know if you have any questions.

Thanks for all that you guys do to help the Elevation Nation thrive! 

8x3 Front squat @80%of 1RM
-Rest1:30- between sets

Box jumps 32/24
Push press 155/105
*10 Burpees in between sets