Make sure to keep working on your skill!  If you get a chance to come into the gym early, get to work and earn that point for the day!  

A couple friendly reminders.

1. Please , Please, Please, do not drop bars that are empty, or only have a 10 pound plate on it.  Those plates are thin and don't bounce.  Empty barbells also don't bounce, and it messes with the ball bearings in them.  

2. When the coach is going over the workout or explaining something to the whole class, please stop moving weights, moving bar bells, and messing around.  You might know what you are doing, but someone else doesn't.  The questions are important, and I don't want anyone to miss the answer that might also have the same question.  Be polite.  When there is a large class, it gets loud when there is a lot of movement and talking.   

1a. 4x10 seated DB/KB Arnold press
-rest 1min-
1b. 4x 80 ft Farmers carry w/ KB/DB
-rest 1min-

Squat cleans 135/95