Registration for the CrossFit Games Open is on! For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Open is the first tier of the CrossFit Games competition season, where one WOD is released every week for 5 weeks starting on February 26th. After you complete the WOD, you submit your score online, and from there the top scoring athletes from each region head to Regionals... and then the winners of the Regionals head to the CrossFit Games! However, that doesn't mean that the Open is only for those who aspire to be a competitive CrossFitter. In fact, the Open is for everyone--and this year there is even a scaled division.

Every week during the Open, we will be doing the Open WOD together during Friday Night Lights, and I can promise you that those WODs will come to be some of your most memorable CrossFit moments through the camaraderie, effort, and being pushed to try movements you would normally scale. I know that every year I've done the Open, I've PR'd something... Like getting my first chest-to-bar pull-up in 2013, and PR'ing my deadlift in 2014.

For more info on how to register, check out the CrossFit Games FAQ here. If you are ready to register now, go here. Registration costs $20 (all of which goes to CrossFit HQ, mostly to fund the rest of the competition season). We hope that as many people as possible will participate--The Open is something that I firmly believe every CrossFitter should experience at least once!

5x2 Pause Front squat (5sec) @85% of last weeks max or 75% of 1RM
-Rest 2 mins between sets-

4 Rounds
12 Burpees over bar
10 C2B Pull ups
8 OHS 115/75
-Rest 2mins-