Friendly Reminder: If you are participating in our current Lifestyle & Fitness challenge, please remember to log your scores each week!

Also, we have had some really full classes again lately, so also please remember to reserve your spot ahead of time and sign in before class. If you are unsure how to do either of these things, ask any coach/intern/staff member for help.


5 x 10/10 Bulgarian split squats w/ Kettlebell or Barbell
-rest 1:30-


5 Power snatches 135/95#
5 Muscle Up*
5 Power snatches
4 MU
5 Power snatches
3 MU
5 Power snatches
2 MU
5 Power snatches
1 MU

*Alternate for muscle ups are a pull-up/ring row + ring dip combo.