If you are participating in the Lifestyle & Fitness Challenge, try to get to the gym 15 minutes early or stay 15 minutes late today to work on your skill or mobility! However, if you are ever coming in to "work on your own thing," whether challenge-related or not, always have a plan before you get to the gym. We have all been that person who comes in early to work on a "weakness" or to "mobilize" and then just ends up chatting with friends and wandering around bouncing a lacrosse ball. If you want ideas beyond the progressions that Jeff provided for the challenge--or if you aren't doing the challenge but are looking for some extra credit work--check out MobilityWOD or go to YouTube to find double-under, pull-up, or thruster drills and progressions!

15mins to 2RM Pause front squat(5sec pause)
2x2 pause FS @85%

3 Rounds for total time
15 Box jumps 24/20
10 Ring dips
5 clean and jerks 155/105
-Rest 1:1-