CrossFit is constantly varied*, functional movements* performed at high intensity*. CrossFit Elevation offers a variety of programs and classes to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Whatever your fitness goals are, we look forward to helping you achieve them. CrossFit is not just showing up to the gym and getting your workout in, it is receiving personal attention from world-class coaches in the fundamentals to aid in your training and nutrition goals. In order to reach your fitness goals CrossFit requires from you, hard work, perseverance, fortitude, and most important----dedication to you fitness.    

All abilities and fitness backgrounds are welcome. Intensity and workload are tailored to each individual. All movements are scaled to fit your current level of skill and progression. We will start your training wherever we need to and get you to where you want to be. Technique and safety always comes first, then we work on adding the intensity as you get stronger and faster.

CrossFit classes provide each athlete with the best workout, coaching, and program design possible. Each hour-long session starts with a dynamic warm up, progressing to skill and technique development, then building up to our workout of the Day (WOD). Usually, if there is time for it, we will work on some mobility afterwards as well.

A solid CrossFit foundation is paramount to your long-term fitness success. This is not a fad, it is a life style. It is making a commitment to a better you and performing to the best of your abilities ultimately aiding in our desire for a long, happy, and healthy life.


*Constantly Varied simply means a constant rotation of exercises. This does not mean, however, that we just pick random exercises for you to do, it involves a complex set of skills that requires one to be knowledgeable in exercise theory. The concept behind constant variation is to never let your body adapt to any one movement, thereby your body never reaches a plateau. The constantly varied workouts is the backbone of CrossFit and it is what produces the desired results.

*Functional Movements are movements that our bodies perform naturally. Walking, running, squatting down, jumping, lifting items off the floor, and pulling yourself up are natural movements we do everyday. CrossFit is designed to strengthen the muscles and ligaments involved in natural movements, which promotes actual strength, agility, core stability, and flexibility.

*High Intensity is simply how much weight you can lift or move safely over distance in the shortest amount of time. CrossFit's Workout of the Day or WOD is designed to be performed at any intensity level that maintains the proper form thereby producing the greatest results. Therefore, everyone participates in the WOD at there own intensity level. CrossFit by design creates camaraderie within the workout group supporting one another while exercising.