Gemma Arnott


I do CrossFit because I’m just like you, and because I’m nothing like you. Yet, we are able to complete with each other and ourselves every day. CrossFit is the great equalizer; our gym is home to soccer moms and Division 1 soccer players. I am thrilled to be a part of something so incredible because CrossFit, and CrossFit Elevation, has changed my life for the better. 

Growing up, I wasn't an athlete. I have always been competitive, but skipped out on team sports after being asked to leave my 4th grade basketball team for not sharing the ball. I attended a performing arts high school and went on to pursue a business degree in college. I stayed active with lazy bike rides and occasional yoga while working a sedentary job. In 2009 I read about CrossFit somewhere online - it reminded me of the High Intensity Interval Training I 'd done with a personal trainer a few years before. I desperately wanted to try it, but could not bear to step foot in a gym. I was unemployed, overweight, eating a sad diet and developing a slew of conditions that no 22 year old should have that included arthritis, headaches, acne, etc. A few months later my life changed forever when my mom called and asked if I'd ever heard of CrossFit and if I wanted to try. The rest, as they say...

Since that fall of 2010, I 've seen CrossFit Elevation grow from a hobby that Scott wanted to share with me and some disgruntled youth, into the community we have today. Scott and CrossFit Elevation have truly given me my life back; I no longer suffer from chronic joint pain or other weird ailments. I'm happier, stronger, and healthier than I 've ever been. I've taken charge of my physical and mental well-being thanks to the abundant resources surrounding CrossFit, and now I have a wealth of information to share. How could I not want to help other people become better every day?



  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Girls Gone Rx - 2015, 2014, 2013