CrossFit Games Open 14.5 is now in the books and marks the conclusion of the CrossFit Open!

It was a physically demanding WOD that also tested one's mental fortitude. It consisted of a "mere" two movements: Thrusters and Burpees. This WOD required some planning and lots of pacing! Taking the burpees at a nice, relaxed, but steady pace allowed you to push it harder through the thrusters. It was a bit longer than previous Open WODs, which is a good test of people's mental fortitude, but we all finished it and lived another day to knock out another WOD. 

It's been a really fun and wonderful 5-week series hosting all our members and drop-ins. You all inspire us every day by pushing through your limits.

Thrusters Men - 95 lbs / Women - 65 lbs
Burpees - over the bar

Mean Gene 23:29 RX
Mel 13:18
Kristine 19:33 RX
Mark D. 19:12 RX
Ben 19:14 RX
Tommy 16:25 RX
Hanzor(!) 21:53 
Ozzie 26:12
Maria 27:20
J Wolf 11:59 
Sprinkles 18:12 RX
Micro 11:55 RX
Dr. Sunshine 16:19 RX
Bossom 25:38 RX
Tran 18:06 RX
Chris 17:28
Jamie 22:53 RX
Boyd 15:16 RX
Topo 16:33 RX