USDA Unveils Historic new changes to school lunch program.

These are the types of changes unveiled:

  • Ensuring students are offered both fruits and vegetables every day of the week;
  • Substantially increasing offerings of whole grain-rich foods;
  • Offering only fat-free or low-fat milk varieties;
  • Limiting calories based on the age of children being served to ensure proper portion size; and
  • Increasing the focus on reducing the amounts of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium

Here is an image comparing before and after.

Thoughts? Is this an improvement over chicken nuggets and french fries, or is this just the same diet paradigm (low fat, whole grains) that doesn't seem to be working for anyone else?

WOD for 1/26/2012: Sometimes you have to go longer.There is a 26:43 cutoff for this, because that's how long it took me to do it.

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlift 225/175 Burpee Finish each round with 200m run

Mobility WOD: