09.30.16 - New Classes, New Schedule, and Upcoming Comps!

Dear CFE Athletes, we're very excited to introduce some new classes with a slightly altered schedule, beginning October 1, 2016. Pricing for gym services will also be marginally altered to accommodate appropriate staffing, ensure excellence in coaching, and enhance your experience here at CFE. Your coaches will be reaching out to your shortly to explain the new pricing structure.

Open Gym: Offered six days a week and available to Gold and Platinum (unlimited) memberships. An opportunity to work those weaknesses and incorporate accessory strength and skill training into your fitness regimen. Don't forget a space to mobilize and work on that recovery, as well!

Competitors Class: An 8 a.m. Saturday morning RX workout for competitors and those looking to throw down with the coaches. Open to all memberships with the expectation that athletes are able to meet the prescribed standards of the workout. Expect weekly 1rm's, benchmark wods, and coaches' cook-ups.

Barbell Club: Now offering three BBCs a week, the new class being held Thursday's at 7 p.m. The regularly programmed 6:30 p.m. CrossFit workout will be shortened to a half hour, cutting the strength/skill portion of the workout to accommodate both classes. So, Wednesday morning will be BBC, then WOD; Thursday night will be WOD, then BBC. Switchin' it up to keep you on your toes!

Mobility WOD: Now offered twice a week, Monday night 7:30 p.m. and Friday morning 11 a.m.. The format of Mobility WOD will take on a more structured form, addressing dynamic range of motion, as well as common mobility challenges in weightlifting and gymnastics movements. Consider this a recovery workout, so be prepared to challenge your body in new ways. 

***Classes and scheduling will be subject to change based on popularity and demand***

Scheduled Classes:

Upcoming Competitions

Pound-4-Pound: October 15. CrossFit LoDo (We've got Hannah and Tommy signed up for this one! Who else is in???)

MBS Turkey Challenge: November 18-20. Registration is open for Teams and Individuals, so sign up quick!

Toys-4-Tots: TBD

Friday's WOD

1a. 5 x 8 Kettlebell strict press (each arm)
-rest 30 secs-
1b. 5 x 10 Dumbbell shoulder front raises
-rest 30 seconds

4 Rounds
Row 500m
20 Toes-to-bar
10 Power snatch 95/65#



09.28.16 - Kettlebell Clinic this Saturday!

Dear CFE Community, don't forget to register for this Saturday's Kettlebell Clinic with special guest coach, Mark Thompson. Mark is a Strong First Certified Kettlebell instructor, as well as an NSCA certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. With an M.S. in Physiology and a B.S. in Exercise Science, Mark understands the body mechanics and physiology of eliciting explosive power and the process by which we develop skills of strength and efficiency. Your CFE coaches have learned a ton from him already, and we're excited for the opportunity to share the knowledge we've gained with you!

5 x 8 Front squats at 75% of 1RM
After each set: 30 second hollow hold

5 Rounds
30 seconds: Row for cals
-rest 30 seconds-
30 seconds: Push-ups
-rest 30 seconds-
30 seconds: Wall balls 20/14#
-rest 30 seconds-



09.27.16 - Success at Girls Gone RX!

CrossFit Elevation's 2016 Girls Gone RX competitors and spectators Photo credentials: Ryan "Regional" Murphy

CrossFit Elevation's 2016 Girls Gone RX competitors and spectators
Photo credentials: Ryan "Regional" Murphy

Many wins for this year's Girls Gone RX competitors. We're so proud of the tremendous effort put forth by these athletes to prepare for the competition. CFE coaches witnessed rigorous training on the part of our athletes: coming early and staying late to classes to work on skills, asking for guidance, and supporting each other through the challenges and obstacles that invariably complicate the path to success. Every GGRX competitor made impressive strides over the last several months and brought that tenacity and determination to the playing field on game day. And what a supportive family!!! Thank you, all, who came out to cheer on the CFE athletes. So many well-wishes from those who were unable to make the event, as well. Elevation Nation, you made the day, truly. 

A special thanks to this guy for being the backbone of the day's success. From 6 a.m. set up to 5 p.m. breakdown, he took care of every loose end, big and small, and kept us smiling. Thank you, James Salmen for all you do. 

Every 2 minutes for 12 minutes: 3 Snatches at 75% of 1RM

50 Double-unders
15 Pull-ups
5 Clean & Jerks (Power) 135/95#
40 DU
12 Pull-ups
4 Clean & Jerks
30 DU
9 Pull-ups
3 Clean & Jerks
20 DU
6 Pull ups
2 Clean & Jerks
10 DU
3 Pull-ups
1 Clean & Jerk

*Rx+ = Chest-to-bar pull-ups




5 x 10 High bar back squat at 75% of 1RM
After each set: 1 minute plank hold

Front squats 135/95#
Burpees over the bar