Denver's FRiendliest crossfit gym

We opened in December 2010 in the dingy corner of the now defunct D-Town boxing where most of our time was spent working out with friends and competitive youth boxers. We have grown modestly from that 350 square foot corner to our 2000 square foot box located at 8th and Santa Fe in the heart of Denver's booming Santa Fe Arts District. We believe our positivity, friendliness and all around fun makes us stand out above the rest. Our CrossFit coaches are amazing and also the kindest and most charismatic coaches you will find in Denver.

From the outside it is easy to see this incredible community of people committed to investing in their health and well-being through strength and conditioning. As you peel back the layers and get to the core of the operation, you will find a family of people who have come together to form an incredible bond and a commitment to help each other change their lives for the better. CrossFit Elevation is about every single person who decides to walk through our doors and become part of something truly magical, life-changing, positive and fun!

We are better every day!